Bard's Chest

Greetings traveler! You have stumbled upon the wreckage of a caravan plundered by savages. Nearby the body of a wealthy looking bard you find a chest but there is no key in sight. Perhaps there is another way to get the treasure within...


  • Left & Right arrows spin the lock
  • Mouse or touch will also spin the lock


Bard's Chest is a Web Audio API game with support for all major browsers excluding IE11 and lower (If you are still using internet explorer, knock that nonsense off). The goal is to catch soundwaves on different sides of the bard's lock to play the correct unlock sequence, releasing the treasure within!


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This is a great concept. Simple intuitive and musical. I think the mouse rotation threw me a bit. Didn't realize until now I could have used arrows.

Thanks! I agree the mouse roatation can be difficult to manage, particularly on smaller view ports. I ended up using the arrow keys almost exclusively during development. I do find the mouse is easier for fine movements though.

Cool concept! I also liked the feel of the response of the lock rotation when using the mouse :)


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[Spoiler] nothing inside the chest :(

Sadly that came down to time constraints. I was hoping to add a reward system with varying prizes based on score but couldn’t manage to get it done in time. Thanks for the spoiler warning though lol.